Haversian canal

Haversian canal
A hollow channel in the center of an osteon, running parallel to the length of a bone.

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  • haversian canal — ha·ver·sian canal hə .vər zhən n, often cap H any of the small canals through which the blood vessels ramify in bone Ha·vers hā vərz, hav ərz Clopton (1655? 1702) British osteologist. In 1691 Havers published the first detailed description of the …   Medical dictionary

  • Haversian canal — one of the small canals (diameter about 50 μm) that ramify throughout compact bone. See also: Haversian system [C. Havers (1650–1702), English anatomist] …   The new mediacal dictionary

  • Haversian canal — small canal in the bone through which blood vessel passes (named after Clopton Havers) …   English contemporary dictionary

  • Haversian canal — Ha•ver′sian canal′ [[t]həˈvɜr ʒən[/t]] n. (sometimes l.c.) anat. any of the channels in bone containing blood vessels and nerves • Etymology: 1835–45; after Clopton Havers (d. 1702), English anatomist; see ian …   From formal English to slang

  • Haversian canal — noun any of the many tiny canals that contain blood vessels and connective tissue and that form a network in bone • Hypernyms: ↑duct, ↑epithelial duct, ↑canal, ↑channel …   Useful english dictionary

  • haversian canal — noun Usage: often capitalized H Etymology: Clopton Havers died 1702 English physician & anatomist Date: 1842 any of the small canals through which the blood vessels ramify in bone …   New Collegiate Dictionary

  • Haversian canal — /heuh verr zheuhn/, (sometimes l.c.) Anat. a microscopic channel in bone, through which a blood vessel runs. [1835 45; named after Clopton Havers (d. 1702), English anatomist; see IAN] * * * …   Universalium

  • Haversian canal — [hə və:sɪən] noun Anatomy any of the minute tubes which form a network in bone and contain blood vessels. Origin C19: named after the 17th cent. English anatomist Clopton Havers …   English new terms dictionary

  • haversian system — n, often cap H a haversian canal with the concentrically arranged laminae of bone that surround it called also osteon * * * one of the cylindrical units of which compact bone is made. A Haversian canal forms a central tube, around which are… …   Medical dictionary

  • canal — A duct or channel; a tubular structure. SEE ALSO: c., duct. SYN: canalis [TA]. [L. canalis] abdominal c. SYN: inguinal c.. accessory c. a channel leading from the root …   Medical dictionary

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