adjective /ˈlæmbənt/
a) Brushing or flickering gently over a surface.

“As they walked together between the houses, Lena’s smooth arm brushed his. His skin felt lambent at the touch.”

b) Glowing or luminous, but lacking heat.

The lambent glow of fireflies delighted the children.

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  • Lambent — Lam bent, a. [L. lambens, enlis, p. pr. of lambere to lick; akin to lap. See {Lap} to drink by licking.] 1. Playing on the surface; touching lightly; gliding over. A lambent flame. Dryden. A lambent style. Beaconsfield. [1913 Webster] 2.… …   The Collaborative International Dictionary of English

  • lambent — [lam′bənt] adj. [L lambens, prp. of lambere, to lick, lap < IE base * lab > LAP2] 1. playing lightly over a surface; flickering: said of a flame, etc. 2. giving off a soft glow [a lambent sky] 3. playing lightly and gracefully over a… …   English World dictionary

  • lambent — (adj.) 1640s, from figurative use of L. lambentem (nom. lambens), prp. of lambere to lick, from PIE root *lab , indicative of smacking lips or licking (Cf. Gk. laptein to sip, lick, O.E. lapian to lick, lap up, suck; see LAP (Cf. lap) (v.1)) …   Etymology dictionary

  • lambent — beaming, luminous, *bright, brilliant, radiant, lustrous, effulgent, refulgent, lucent, incandescent Analogous words: gleaming, glistening (see FLASH vb) …   New Dictionary of Synonyms

  • lambent — ► ADJECTIVE literary ▪ glowing or flickering with a soft radiance. ORIGIN from Latin lambere to lick …   English terms dictionary

  • lambent — lambently, adv. /lam beuhnt/, adj. 1. running or moving lightly over a surface: lambent tongues of flame. 2. dealing lightly and gracefully with a subject; brilliantly playful: lambent wit. 3. softly bright or radiant: a lambent light. [1640 50;… …   Universalium

  • lambent — lam•bent [[t]ˈlæm bənt[/t]] adj. 1) running or moving lightly over a surface: lambent tongues of flame[/ex] 2) dealing lightly and gracefully with a subject: lambent wit[/ex] 3) softly bright or radiant: a lambent light[/ex] • Etymology: 1640–50; …   From formal English to slang

  • lambent — /ˈlæmbənt / (say lambuhnt) adjective 1. running or moving lightly over a surface: lambent tongues of flame. 2. playing lightly and brilliantly over a subject: lambent wit. 3. softly bright: a steady, lambent light. {Latin lambens, present… …  

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  • lambent — adjective Etymology: Latin lambent , lambens, present participle of lambere to lick more at lap Date: 1647 1. playing lightly on or over a surface ; flickering 2. softly bright or radiant 3. marked by lightness or brilliance especially of… …   New Collegiate Dictionary

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