Intensifier, signifies an abundance of a thing; much or many.

Hey, if you guys get the munchies, theres helluv candy in the cupboard.

2. adverb
a) Intensifier (modifies verbs); to a large extent; totally; very much.

Dude, I helluv want to go to the show with you, but Im soooo grounded.

b) Intensifier (modifies adjectives); to a large degree; extremely; exceedingly.

“[…]. This helluv hurts.” We grownups burst out laughing, and I hugged her bony adolescent shoulders.

For sure; totally; hell yeah; used as a strong affirmation of something that was just said, accomplished, or revealed.

"Hey, you wanna come to the concert tonight?" "Oh, helluv!"

See Also: helluva, hella, hell, the hell

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