a) One who farspeaks.

"I wish I wasnt so messed up; I wish I was bigger and stronger. Or a Farspeaker like Kyril,” she replied in a very small voice. “You cant help what happened. As for being a Farspeaker, I dont think both of us together could reach someone with the Gift to hear us, and if we could, I dont know that it would do any good," he sighed.

b) A device or apparatus used to farspeak or communicate over long distances; telephone.

Ecgbert picked up the farspeaker eagerly. "Frideswide darling! I have been wating to hear from you all the morning. [...]"

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  • telephone — 1. noun An electronic device used for two way talking with other people (often shortened to phone). Syn: blower, phone, farspeaker, Ameche, dog and bone, horn See Also: landline …   Wiktionary

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