Surrounding a ventricle

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  • periventricular — peri·ven·tric·u·lar ven trik yə lər adj situated or occurring around a ventricle esp. of the brain <periventricular white matter> * * * peri·ven·tric·u·lar (per″e ven trikґu lər) around a ventricle; see also under system …   Medical dictionary

  • periventricular — ¦perə̇ˌ adjective Etymology: peri + ventricular : situated or occurring around a ventricle especially of the brain periventricular white matter …   Useful english dictionary

  • Periventricular leukomalacia — Classification and external resources ICD 10 P91.2 ICD 9 779.7 …   Wikipedia

  • Periventricular leukomalacia, cystic — Softening of the white matter near the ventricles of the brain resulting in abnormal cysts. Cystic periventricular leukomalacia is a major problem in very premature infants. Treating the mother with a cortisone like drug before the premature… …   Medical dictionary

  • Periventricular nucleus — The Periventricular nucleus is a composite structure of the hypothalamus. It should not be confused with the paraventricular nucleus.External links* …   Wikipedia

  • periventricular system — collective name for the efferent pathways of the hypothalamus that arise mainly in the supraoptic, posterior, and tuberal nuclei and descend in the periventricular gray matter …   Medical dictionary

  • periventricular — peri·ventricular …   English syllables

  • periventricular fibers — fibrae periventriculares …   Medical dictionary

  • periventricular nodular heterotopia — a genetically heterogeneous anomaly of the cerebral cortex in which nodular masses of gray matter line the walls of the ventricles and protrude into the lumen. Many persons with this condition develop absence epilepsy around the second decade of… …   Medical dictionary

  • periventricular leukomalacia — (PVL) bilateral necrosis of the white matter of the brain adjacent to the lateral ventricles, seen in the neonatal period, especially in premature newborns, and manifested by chalky, yellowish white plaques in the white matter, with proliferation …   Medical dictionary

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