fundamental force

fundamental force
any of the fundamental forces that act between elementary particles; each one is associated with an exchanged particle

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  • fundamental force — ˌfundamental ˈforce [fundamental force] noun (technical) a force that is a property (= characteristic) of everything in the universe. There are four fundamental forces including ↑gravity and ↑electromagnetism …   Useful english dictionary

  • fundamental force — /ˌfʌndəmɛntəl ˈfɔs/ (say .funduhmentuhl faws) noun → fundamental interaction …  

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  • fundamental interaction — In physics, the effect of any of the four fundamental forces gravitational, electromagnetic, strong, and weak. All known natural forces can be traced to these fundamental interactions. Gravitation is the attractive force between any two objects… …   Universalium

  • fundamental interaction — noun any of the fundamental forces that act between elementary particles; each one is associated with an exchanged particle Syn: fundamental force …   Wiktionary

  • fundamental interaction — /ˌfʌndəmɛntəl ɪntəˈrækʃən/ (say .funduhmentuhl intuh rakshuhn) noun any of the four basic interactions or forces of nature, that is the gravitational, electromagnetic, strong, and weak interactions. Also, fundamental force …  

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