Cartesian space

Cartesian space

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  • Cartesian space — Math. See Euclidean space. * * * …   Universalium

  • Cartesian space — Math. See Euclidean space …   Useful english dictionary

  • Cartesian coordinate system — Illustration of a Cartesian coordinate plane. Four points are marked and labeled with their coordinates: (2, 3) in green, (−3, 1) in red, (−1.5, −2.5) in blue, and the origin (0, 0) in purple. A Cartesian coordinate system specifies each point… …   Wikipedia

  • Cartesian product — Cartesian square redirects here. For Cartesian squares in category theory, see Cartesian square (category theory). In mathematics, a Cartesian product (or product set) is a construction to build a new set out of a number of given sets. Each… …   Wikipedia

  • Space in landscape design — refers to a set of theories that address the meaning and nature of space as a volume and as an element of design.The concept of space as the fundamental medium of landscape design grew from debates tied to modernism, contemporary art,… …   Wikipedia

  • Cartesian co-ordinates — plural noun (mathematics) Co ordinates in which the position of a point in a plane or in space is specified by its distances from two lines or three planes respectively • • • Main Entry: ↑Cartesian …   Useful english dictionary

  • Cartesian coordinates — n. Geom. 1. a pair of numbers that locate a point in a plane by its distances from two fixed, intersecting, usually perpendicular lines in the same plane: see ABSCISSA, ORDINATE 2. a triad of numbers which locate a point in space by its distance… …   English World dictionary

  • Cartesian closed category — In category theory, a category is cartesian closed if, roughly speaking, any morphism defined on a product of two objects can be naturally identified with a morphism defined on one of the factors. These categories are particularly important in… …   Wikipedia

  • Space group — In mathematics and geometry, a space group is a symmetry group, usually for three dimensions, that divides space into discrete repeatable domains. In three dimensions, there are 219 unique types, or counted as 230 if chiral copies are considered… …   Wikipedia

  • space-time — /spays tuym /, n. 1. Also called space time continuum. the four dimensional continuum, having three spatial coordinates and one temporal coordinate, in which all physical quantities may be located. 2. the physical reality that exists within this… …   Universalium

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