A simple person lacking common sense.

The stranger had crossed a sacred line. He had mentioned the mens mothers. Nothing could get him out of a beating now, even the fact that he was obviously a simpleton. Albeit a simpleton with a good vocabulary.

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  • Simpleton — Sim ple*ton, n. [Cf. F. simplet, It. semplicione.] A person of weak intellect; a silly person. [1913 Webster] …   The Collaborative International Dictionary of English

  • simpleton — 1640s, jocular formation from SIMPLE (Cf. simple) and ton, suffix extracted from surnames …   Etymology dictionary

  • simpleton — *fool, moron, imbecile, idiot, natural …   New Dictionary of Synonyms

  • simpleton — [n] fool birdbrain*, blockhead*, bonehead*, boob*, buffoon, clod*, clown, dimwit*, dolt*, dope*, dunce, dunderhead*, fathead*, idiot, ignoramus, imbecile, jerk*, lamebrain*, lunkhead*, moron, nitwit, numskull*, oaf, stooge*; concepts 412,423 …   New thesaurus

  • simpleton — ► NOUN ▪ a foolish or gullible person …   English terms dictionary

  • simpleton — [sim′pəltən] n. [< SIMPLE, after proper names ending in ton] a person who is stupid or easily deceived; fool …   English World dictionary

  • Simpleton — A simpleton is one who is simple.Simpleton can also refer to: *Simpleton (reggae artist), a 1990s Jamaican reggae artist * The Mayor of Simpleton , a song by British New Wave band XTC …   Wikipedia

  • simpleton — [[t]sɪ̱mp(ə)ltən[/t]] simpletons N COUNT (disapproval) If you call someone a simpleton, you think they are easily deceived or not very intelligent. But Ian s such a simpleton , she laughed... He was a lightweight, a political simpleton …   English dictionary

  • simpleton — UK [ˈsɪmp(ə)lt(ə)n] / US [ˈsɪmp(ə)ltən] noun [countable] Word forms simpleton : singular simpleton plural simpletons old fashioned someone who is not very intelligent and knows little about the world …   English dictionary

  • simpleton —   Wa awa a, wa awa a iki; Wa awa a iki na aupō (ignorant stupid one; name of a legendary simpleton). See lunkhead …   English-Hawaiian dictionary

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