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  • Pterostilbene — chembox new ImageFile = Pterostilbene.png ImageSize = IUPACName = 4 [( E ) 2 (3,5 Dimethoxyphenyl)ethenyl] phenol OtherNames = 3 ,5 Dimethoxy 4 stilbenol 3,5 Dimethoxy 4 hydroxy trans stilbene Section1 = Chembox Identifiers Abbreviations = CASNo …   Wikipedia

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  • List of phytochemicals in food — While there is ample evidence to support the health benefits of diets rich in fruits, vegetables, legumes, whole grains and nuts, evidence that these effects are due to specific nutrients or phytochemicals is limited. [… …   Wikipedia

  • (E)-Stilbene — Chembox new Name = ( E ) Stilbene ImageFile = Stilbene trans structure.svg‎ ImageSize = 150px ImageName = trans stilbene skeletal formula ImageFile1 = Trans stilbene from xtal 3D balls.png ImageSize1 = 200px ImageName1 = trans stilbene ball and… …   Wikipedia

  • Stilbenoid — Stilbenoids are secondary products of heartwood formation in trees that can act as phytoalexins. Chemically they are hydroxylated derivatives of stilbene. Biochemically they belong to the family of phenylpropanoids and share most of their… …   Wikipedia

  • List of antioxidants in food — Vitamins = *Vitamin A (retinol), also synthesized by the body from beta carotene, protects dark green, yellow and orange vegetables and fruits from solar radiation damage, and is thought to play a similar role in the human body. Carrots, squash,… …   Wikipedia

  • Piceatannol — Chembox new Reference= [ [ Piceatannol] at Sigma Aldrich] ImageFile=Piceatannol.png ImageSize=200px IUPACName=5 [(E) 2 (3,4 dihydroxyphenyl)vinyl] benzene 1,3 diol OtherNames=3,4 …   Wikipedia

  • (Z)-Stilbene — For the class of antioxidant compounds that share the same chemical skeleton see stilbenoids. (Z) Stilbene IUPAC name …   Wikipedia

  • Edle Weinrebe — (Vitis vinifera subsp. vinifera) Systematik Ordnung: Weinrebenartige (Vitales) Familie …   Deutsch Wikipedia

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