noun /kɒkˈeɪd/
A rosette worn in a hat as an office or party badge.

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  • Cockade — Cock*ade , n. [F. cocarble, fr. coquard vain, OF. coquart, fr. coq cock, prob. of imitative origin. The ornament is so named from its resemblance to the crest of a cock. Cf. {Coquette}.] A badge, usually in the form of a rosette, or knot, and… …   The Collaborative International Dictionary of English

  • cockade — 1709, earlier cockard (1650s), from Fr. cocarde (16c.), fem. of cocard (O.Fr. cocart) foolishly proud, cocky, as a noun, idiot, fool; an allusive extension from coq (see COCK (Cf. cock) (n.1)) …   Etymology dictionary

  • cockade — ► NOUN ▪ a rosette or knot of ribbons worn in a hat as a badge of office or as part of a livery. DERIVATIVES cockaded adjective. ORIGIN French cocarde, from obsolete coquard saucy …   English terms dictionary

  • cockade — [käk ād′] n. [Fr cocarde < OFr coq, a cock: from resemblance to its comb] a rosette, knot of ribbon, etc. worn on the hat as a badge cockaded adj …   English World dictionary

  • Cockade — A woman fastening a red and white cockade to a Polish insurgent s square shaped rogatywka cap during the January Uprising of 1863–64 …   Wikipedia

  • cockade — cockaded, adj. /ko kayd /, n. a rosette, knot of ribbon, etc., usually worn on the hat as part of a uniform, as a badge of office, or the like. [1650 60; alter. of cocarde < F, equiv. to coc COCK2 + arde ARD] * * * ▪ hat decoration French… …   Universalium

  • cockade — UK [kɒˈkeɪd] / US [kɑˈkeɪd] noun [countable] Word forms cockade : singular cockade plural cockades a decoration worn on a hat, often as part of a uniform …   English dictionary

  • Cockade of Peru — Cockade (escarapela) of Peru. The cockade of Peru is a popular unofficial symbol of the Peruvian nation. While an 1825 law decreed its characteristics, there is no official regulation concerning its use, and it is not recognised as a national… …   Wikipedia

  • Cockade of Argentina — Argentine Cockade The Argentine Cockade is one of the national symbols of Argentina, instituted by decree on February 18, 1812 by the First Triumvirate, who determined that The national cockade of the Provincias Unidas del Río de la Plata shall… …   Wikipedia

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  • Cockade of Spain — The Cockade of Spain is a national symbol that arose after the French revolution, by pleating a golden pin over the former red ribbon,colors of the ancient Royal Bend of Castile. The resulting insignia is a circle that symbolizes the colors of… …   Wikipedia

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