A softmodem designed to work with the operating system.

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  • Winmodem — Vorderseite eines V.90 Modems Ein Modem (aus Modulator und Demodulator gebildetes Akronym oder Kofferwort, daher auch der Modem) dient dazu, Signale mit Hilfe eines oder mehrerer Trägersignale an die jeweiligen Eigenschaften des Übertragungswegs… …   Deutsch Wikipedia

  • Winmodem — Софт модем (винмодем) модем, у которого реализовано только Название винмодем (сокращение от англ. Windows modem) идёт от первых версий софтмодемов, у которых необходимое для работы программное обеспечение поставлялось только для операционных… …   Википедия

  • Winmodem — ● n. m. ►PERIPH modem bidon dont la majeure partie des fonctions est assurée par du logiciel et non pas du matériel. Du coup, ils coûtent nettement moins cher, mais dévorent de la CPU. Syn. soft modem. Voir aussi Linmodem …   Dictionnaire d'informatique francophone

  • Softmodem — A Softmodem, or software modem, is a modem with minimal hardware capacities, designed to use a host computer s resources (mostly CPU power and RAM but sometimes even audio hardware) to perform most of the tasks performed by dedicated hardware in… …   Wikipedia

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  • GeoPort — was a serial data system used on some models of the Apple Macintosh. GeoPort modified the meaning of the existing Mac serial port pins to add a new high speed Direct memory access (DMA) channel that allowed the Mac s internal sound hardware to… …   Wikipedia

  • Modem — For other uses, see Modem (disambiguation). A modem (modulator demodulator) is a device that modulates an analog carrier signal to encode digital information, and also demodulates such a carrier signal to decode the transmitted information. The… …   Wikipedia

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  • Graphics Device Interface — The Graphics Device Interface (GDI) is a Microsoft Windows application programming interface and core operating system component responsible for representing graphical objects and transmitting them to output devices such as monitors and printers …   Wikipedia

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