Subjected to superfusion

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  • Choline — The N,N,N trimethylethanolammonium cation, with an undefined counteranion, X− Choline is a water soluble essential nutrient.[1][ …   Wikipedia

  • Isolated brain — refers to keeping a brain alive in vitro. This is done either by perfusion by a blood substitute, often an oxygenated solution of various salts, or by submerging the brain in oxygenated artificial cerebrospinal fluid (Bohlen, Halbach). It is the… …   Wikipedia

  • Colina (química) — El catión N,N,N trimetiletanolamonio, con un contraión indefinidio, X ). La colina es un nutriente esencial soluble en agua.[1] …   Wikipedia Español

  • superfuse — superfusion /sooh peuhr fyooh zheuhn/, n. /sooh peuhr fyoohz /, v.t., superfused, superfusing. Obs. to pour. [1650 60; < L superfusus, ptp. of superfundere to pour over, equiv. to super SUPER + fusus, equiv. to fud (base of fundere to pour) + tus …   Universalium

  • superfuse — To flush a fluid over the top of a tissue. Cf.:perfuse, perifuse. * * * su·per·fuse .sü pər fyüz vt, fused; fus·ing to maintain the metabolic or physiological activity of (as an isolated organ) by submitting to a continuous flow of a sustaining… …   Medical dictionary

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