To make pretty or prettier, to make more attractive. Implicitly to make only surface or unimportant improvements.

Ill prettify it later. Right now its ugly but it works.

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  • prettify — (v.) 1850, from PRETTY (Cf. pretty) (adj.) + FY (Cf. fy). Related: Prettified; prettifying …   Etymology dictionary

  • prettify — ► VERB (prettifies, prettified) ▪ make superficially pretty. DERIVATIVES prettification noun …   English terms dictionary

  • prettify — [prit′i fī΄] vt. prettified, prettifying to make pretty prettification n …   English World dictionary

  • prettify — prettification, n. prettifier, n. /prit euh fuy /, v.t., prettified, prettifying. 1. to make pretty, esp. in a small, petty way: to prettify a natural beauty. 2. to minimize or gloss over (something unpleasant): to prettify his rude behavior.… …   Universalium

  • prettify — [[t]prɪ̱tɪfaɪ[/t]] prettifies, prettifying, prettified VERB (disapproval) To prettify something, especially something that is not beautiful, means to make it appear pretty. [V n] ...just a clever effort to prettify animal slaughter... [V ed] It… …   English dictionary

  • prettify — UK [ˈprɪtɪfaɪ] / US [ˈprɪtɪˌfaɪ] verb [intransitive/transitive] Word forms prettify : present tense I/you/we/they prettify he/she/it prettifies present participle prettifying past tense prettified past participle prettified to change something in …   English dictionary

  • prettify — pret|ti|fy [ˈprıtıfaı] v past tense and past participle prettified present participle prettifying third person singular prettifies [T] to change something with the intention of making it more attractive, but often with the effect of spoiling it ▪ …   Dictionary of contemporary English

  • prettify — transitive verb ( fied; fying) Date: 1850 to make pretty • prettification noun • prettifier noun …   New Collegiate Dictionary

  • prettify — Synonyms and related words: adorn, array, beautify, become one, bedeck, bedizen, blazon, color, dandify, deck, deck out, decorate, dizen, doll up, dress, dress up, embellish, emblazon, embroider, enrich, extenuate, fig out, fix up, furbish,… …   Moby Thesaurus

  • prettify — (New American Roget s College Thesaurus) v. t., informal, beautify, embellish (see beauty) …   English dictionary for students

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