double fault

double fault
The missing of both the first serve and second serve, resulting in a point for the receiver.

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  • double fault — n. Racket Sports the act of serving twice improperly, resulting in the loss of the point, the loss of the serve, or both double fault vi …   English World dictionary

  • double fault — double faults N COUNT In tennis, if a player serves a double fault, they make a mistake with both serves and lose the point …   English dictionary

  • double fault — n two mistakes, one after another, when you are ↑serving in tennis, which make you lose a point …   Dictionary of contemporary English

  • double fault — noun count in tennis, a situation in which a player loses a point by doing two bad SERVES one after the other …   Usage of the words and phrases in modern English

  • Double fault — This article is about the CPU error. For the tennis term, see serve (tennis). On the x86 architecture, a double fault exception occurs if the processor encounters a problem while trying to service a pending interrupt or exception. An example… …   Wikipedia

  • double-fault — doubˈle faultˈ intransitive verb • • • Main Entry: ↑double * * * ˌdouble ˈfault [double fault double faults double faulted double faulting] ; …   Useful english dictionary

  • double fault — noun (tennis) two successive faults in serving resulting in the loss of the point • Topics: ↑tennis, ↑lawn tennis • Hypernyms: ↑fault * * * noun, pl ⋯ faults [count] tennis : two bad serves that result in the loss of a point * * * ˌdouble ˈfault… …   Useful english dictionary

  • double fault — UK / US noun [countable] Word forms double fault : singular double fault plural double faults in tennis, a situation in which a player loses a point by doing two bad serves one after the other …   English dictionary

  • Double-fault — The term “double fault” can refer to: double fault (computing), an error that occurs during interrupt handling or exception handling; or the occurrence of two consecutive faults during the play of tennis, resulting in the server losing a point.… …   Wikipedia

  • double fault — noun Tennis an instance of two consecutive faults in serving, counting as a point against the server. verb (double fault) serve a double fault …   English new terms dictionary

  • double fault — noun Date: circa 1909 two consecutive serving faults in tennis that result in the loss of a point • double fault intransitive verb …   New Collegiate Dictionary

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