A written collection of all words derived from a particular source, or sharing some other characteristic.

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  • Wordlist of the Dutch language — The Wordlist of the Dutch language, because of its colour better known as the Green Booklet (Groene Boekje) is the publication of the Dutch Language Union (Nederlandse Taalunie) and includes an overview of the correct official spelling of the… …   Wikipedia

  • wordlist — n. list of terms that belong to a specific subject that are organized alphabetically …   English contemporary dictionary

  • wordlist — /ˈwɜdlɪst/ (say werdlist) noun 1. a list of words. 2. Computers a list used by a computer hacker to discover a password …  

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  • Glottochronology — refers to methods in historical linguistics used to estimate the time at which languages diverged, based on the assumption that the basic (core) vocabulary of a language changes at a constant average rate. This assumption, originally put forward… …   Wikipedia

  • Basic English — Basic English, also known as Simple English, is an English based controlled language created (in essence as a simplified subset of English) by linguist and philosopher Charles Kay Ogden as an international auxiliary language, and as an aid for… …   Wikipedia

  • Бейсик-инглиш — Не путать с языком программирования BASIC. Бейсик инглиш[1] (англ. Basic English  базовый английский. Иногда название расшифровывают, как British American Scientific International Commercial Британский Американский Научный Международный …   Википедия

  • Tanacross language — For the Alaskan village, see Tanacross, Alaska. Tanacross Nee aandeg Spoken in United States Region Alaska (middle Tanana River) Native speakers 30  (2 …   Wikipedia

  • Kujargé language — Kujargé Spoken in Chad, Sudan Region Jebel Mirra Native speakers 1,000  (1983) Language family Afro Asiatic? (unclassified) …   Wikipedia

  • Oropom language — Oropom Spoken in Kenya, Uganda Extinct ca. 1950 Language family unclassified …   Wikipedia

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