Describing neurons that secrete peptide hormones as their neurotransmitters

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  • peptidergic — Referring to nerve cells or fibers that are believed to employ small peptide molecules as their neurotransmitter. [peptide + G. ergon, work] * * * pep·tid·er·gic .pep tīd ər jik adj being, relating to, releasing, or activated by neurotransmitters …   Medical dictionary

  • peptidergic — pep·tid·er·gic …   English syllables

  • peptidergic — ¦peptīd¦ərjik adjective Etymology: peptide + ergic (herein) : being, relating to, releasing, or activated by neurotransmitters that are short peptide chains …   Useful english dictionary

  • peptidergic fibers — nerve fibers that secrete neuropeptides as neurotransmitters. Cf. aminergic f s …   Medical dictionary

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