A projection from the side of a watercraft.

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  • Sponson — Spon son ( s[u^]n), n. (Shipbuilding) (a) One of the triangular platforms in front of, and abaft, the paddle boxes of a steamboat. (b) One of the slanting supports under the guards of a steamboat. (c) One of the armored projections fitted with… …   The Collaborative International Dictionary of English

  • sponson — [spän′sən] n. [altered < ? EXPANSION: orig. applied to the platforms on each side of a steamer s paddle wheels] 1. a structure that projects over the side of a ship or boat; specif., a) a projecting gun platform b) an air chamber built into… …   English World dictionary

  • Sponson — Sponsons are projections from the sides of a watercraft, for protection, stability, or the mounting of equipment such as armaments or lifeboats, etc. They extend a hull dimension at or below the waterline and serve to increase floatation or add… …   Wikipedia

  • sponson — noun Etymology: perhaps by shortening & alteration from expansion Date: 1835 1. a. a projection (as a gun platform) from the side of a ship or a tank b. an air chamber along a canoe to increase stability and buoyancy 2. a light air filled… …   New Collegiate Dictionary

  • sponson — /spon seuhn/, n. 1. a structure projecting from the side or main deck of a vessel to support a gun or the outer edge of a paddle box. 2. a buoyant appendage at the gunwale of a canoe to resist capsizing. 3. Aeron. a protuberance at the side of a… …   Universalium

  • sponson — platform jutting from ship’s deck for gun or wheel Nautical Terms …   Phrontistery dictionary

  • sponson — i. A flange, or a stub, projecting from the side of a flying boat hull to increase the beam of the hull and improve its lateral stability on the water in place of outerwing floats. ii. A projection from the helicopter fuselage in the form of a… …   Aviation dictionary

  • sponson — [ spɒns(ə)n] noun 1》 a gun platform standing out from a warship s side. 2》 a short subsidiary wing that serves to stabilize a seaplane. 3》 a buoyancy chamber fitted to the hull of a canoe. 4》 a triangular platform supporting the wheel on a paddle …   English new terms dictionary

  • sponson — spon·son …   English syllables

  • sponson — spon•son [[t]ˈspɒn sən[/t]] n. 1) navig. a structure projecting from the side or main deck of a vessel, as one supporting a gun 2) navig. naut. a buoyant appendage at the gunwale of a canoe to resist capsizing • Etymology: 1830–40; earlier… …   From formal English to slang

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