In a coordinative manner; with regard to coordination

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  • Migratory insertion — A migratory insertion is a type of reaction in organometallic chemistry wherein two ligands on a metal complex combine. It is a subset of reactions that very closely resembles the insertion reactions, and both are differentiated by the mechanism… …   Wikipedia

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  • Non-coordinating anion — Anions that interact weakly with cations are termed non coordinating anions, although a more accurate term is weakly coordinating anion .[1] Non coordinating anions are useful in studying the reactivity of electrophilic cations. They are commonly …   Wikipedia

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  • Triruthenium dodecacarbonyl — Chembox new Name = Triruthenium dodecacarbonyl ImageFile = Ru3(CO)12.png ImageSize = 200px ImageFile1 = Triruthenium dodecacarbonyl from xtal 3D balls.png IUPACName = cyclo tris(tetracarbonylruthenium) (3 Ru Ru ) OtherNames = Ruthenium carbonyl… …   Wikipedia

  • Agostic interaction — is a term, in organometallic chemistry, for the interaction of a coordinately unsaturated transition metal with a C H bond, when the two electrons involved in the C H bond enter the empty d orbital of a transition metal, resulting in a two… …   Wikipedia

  • Electron affinity (data page) — Elements = Molecules References Many of the links to the full text of articles (linked from article titles) require subscription to the journal or payment. The links to abstracts are usually free of charge. *Andersen, H.H.; Petrunin, V.V.;… …   Wikipedia

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