high tea

high tea
a) A late afternoon or early evening meal, also known as "meat tea".

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  • High tea — High High, a. [Compar. {Higher}; superl. {Highest}.] [OE. high, hegh, hey, heh, AS. he[ a]h, h?h; akin to OS. h?h, OFries. hag, hach, D. hoog, OHG. h?h, G. hoch, Icel. h?r, Sw. h[ o]g, Dan. h[ o]i, Goth. hauhs, and to Icel. haugr mound, G. h[… …   The Collaborative International Dictionary of English

  • High Tea — 〈[ haı ti:] m.; s; unz.; in England〉 am späten Nachmittag servierte kleine Mahlzeit, zu der Tee gereicht wird [engl., <high „hoch“ + tea „Tee“] …   Universal-Lexikon

  • high tea — high′ tea′ n. cvs brit. a late afternoon or early evening meal at which tea is served • Etymology: 1825–35 …   From formal English to slang

  • high tea — ► NOUN Brit. ▪ a meal eaten in the late afternoon or early evening, typically consisting of a cooked dish and tea …   English terms dictionary

  • high tea — n. Brit. a meal somewhat more elaborate and served later than the usual tea …   English World dictionary

  • high tea — high teas N VAR In Britain, some people have a meal called high tea in the late afternoon instead of having dinner or supper later in the evening. [OLD FASHIONED] …   English dictionary

  • high tea — n [U and C] BrE a meal of cold food, cakes etc eaten in the early evening …   Dictionary of contemporary English

  • high tea — noun count or uncount BRITISH OLD FASHIONED a light meal served in the late afternoon …   Usage of the words and phrases in modern English

  • high tea — noun substantial early evening meal including tea • Regions: ↑United Kingdom, ↑UK, ↑U.K., ↑Britain, ↑United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland, ↑Great Britain • Hypernyms: ↑dinner …   Useful english dictionary

  • high tea — UK / US noun [countable/uncountable] Word forms high tea : singular high tea plural high teas British old fashioned a small meal served in the late afternoon …   English dictionary

  • high tea — /haɪ ˈti/ (say huy tee) noun (chiefly in Britain) a meal eaten in the late afternoon or early evening, typically with a cooked dish, bread and butter, and tea to drink (usually taking the place of dinner). {originally the supper repast of the… …  

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