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  • Late Antiquity — (c. 300 600) is a periodization used by historians to describe the transitional centuries from Classical Antiquity to the Middle Ages, in both mainland Europe and the Mediterranean world: generally from the end of the Roman Empire s Crisis of the …   Wikipedia

  • Late medieval logic — Paul Vincent Spade I Medieval logic encompassed more than what we call logic today. It included semantics, philosophy of language, parts of physics, of philosophy of mind and of epistemology. Late medieval logic began around 1300 and lasted… …   History of philosophy

  • bound — bound1 [ baund ] adjective not usually before noun ** 1. ) bound to something that is bound to happen will almost certainly happen: If you have problems at home, it s bound to affect your work. Knowing Jim, he s bound to be late. The kids are out …   Usage of the words and phrases in modern English

  • bound — I UK [baʊnd] / US adjective [not usually before noun] ** 1) something that is bound to happen will almost certainly happen bound to: If you have problems at home, it s bound to affect your work. The kids are out late, so of course she s bound to… …   English dictionary

  • bound — {{11}} past tense of BIND (Cf. bind) (v.). {{12}}bound (adj.1) fastened, mid 14c., in figurative sense of compelled, from bounden, pp. of BIND (Cf. bind) (v.). Meaning under obligation is from late 15c.; the literal sense made fast by tying is… …   Etymology dictionary

  • bound — I. /baʊnd / (say bownd) adjective 1. tied; in bonds: a bound prisoner. 2. made fast as by a band or bond: bound by one s word. 3. secured within a cover, as a book. 4. constipated; costive. –phrase 5. bound to, a. under obligation to, legally or… …  

  • Late Roman army — The Late Roman army is the term used to denote the military forces of the Roman Empire from the accession of Emperor Diocletian in 284 until the Empire s definitive division into Eastern and Western halves in 395. A few decades afterwards, the… …   Wikipedia

  • bound — bound1 verb walk or run with leaping strides. noun a leaping movement towards or over something. Origin C16: from Fr. bond (n.), bondir (v.) resound , later rebound , from late L. bombitare, from L. bombus humming . bound2 noun 1》 a boundary. 2》… …   English new terms dictionary

  • Bound by the Beauty — Infobox Album Name = Bound By the Beauty Type = Studio album Artist = Jane Siberry Released = September 12 1989 Recorded = 1989 Genre = Alternative Pop/Rock, Country Length = 42:39 Label = Duke Street Records/Reprise Records Producer = Jane… …   Wikipedia

  • Late works (Liszt) — The radical change Franz Liszt s compositional style underwent in the last 20 years of his life was unprecedented in Western classical music. The tradition of music had been one of unified progression, even to the extent of Johannes Brahms First… …   Wikipedia

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