verb /ˈjɚ.ɪn.et,ˈjʊər.əˌneɪt/
To pass urine from the body.

1877 See that the bladder is emptied just before he goes to bed. Wake him once or twice during the night, and have him urinate. Use all possible means to remove the cause of irritation by giving him plenty of out-of-door exercise and a very simple, though nutritious, diet. — John Harvey Kellogg, [ Plain facts for Old and Young ....]

Syn: micturate, piss, take a leak, tinkle, do a number one, go, go number one, have a pee, have a wee, make water, pee, piddle, relieve oneself, take a pee, take a wee, wee, go see a man about a horse, drain the lizard, drain the main vein, have a leak, have a piss, have a slash, point Percy at the porcelain, see a man about a horse, see a man about the plumbing, shake hands with the unemployed, slash, splash ones boots, Syphon the python, take a piss, take a wicked yes, take a whizz, take care of business, whizz
See Also: urine, urinal, urination

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