Not of or related to the West.

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  • non-Western — adjective Date: 1902 1. not being part of the western tradition < non Western countries > 2. of or relating to non Western societies < non Western values > …   New Collegiate Dictionary

  • Non-western cultures — A wide range of clothing, together with significant symbolism, defines the dress of non Western cultures. Although this text focuses on the Western world, a similar domination existed in other parts of the globe where royalty, empires, and… …   Historical Dictionary of the Fashion Industry

  • History of primitive and non-Western trumpets — The chromatic trumpet of Western tradition is a fairly recent invention, but primitive trumpets of one form or another have been in existence for millennia; some of the predecessors of the modern instrument are now known to date back to the… …   Wikipedia

  • Non-westernized concepts of male sexuality — may vary considerably from concepts of sexual orientation prevalent in Western culture [Re Orienting Desire: The Gay International and the Arab World, Review of Joseph Massad’s book: Desiring Arabs from the site:… …   Wikipedia

  • Western Connecticut State University — Established 1903 Type Public State university President James Schmotter …   Wikipedia

  • Western world — Occident redirects here. For other uses, see Occident (disambiguation). For other uses of West , see West (disambiguation) and The West (disambiguation). For the song by American band Pennywise, see The Western World. The Western world, also… …   Wikipedia

  • Western culture — For this article s equivalent regarding the East, see Eastern culture. For the Henry Cow album of the same name, see Western Culture (album). Leonardo da Vinci s Vitruvian Man. A symbol of the importance of humanism and empiricism in Western… …   Wikipedia

  • Western canon — Dante, Homer and Virgil in Raphael s Parnassus fresco (1511), in which the Western canon is visualised The term Western canon denotes a canon of books and, more broadly, music and art that have been the most important and influential in shaping… …   Wikipedia

  • non-West·ern — /ˈnɑːnˈwɛstɚn/ adj, always used before a noun : of or relating to the part of the world that does not include the countries of western Europe and North America non Western countries the non Western world non Western art/culture …   Useful english dictionary

  • Western Front Society — The Western Front is an artist run centre located in Vancouver, Canada. It was founded in 1973 by a multidisciplinary group of artists who purchased the former Knights of Pythias lodge hall in which the centre still resides. More than 2,000… …   Wikipedia

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