get it over with

get it over with
To do or finish, especially said of something unpleasant.

He didn’t want to go to the doctor for his shots, but he decided it would be better just to get it over with.

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  • get something over with — do or undergo something unpleasant or difficult, so as to be rid of it * * * ˌget sth ˈover (with) derived (informal) to complete sth unpleasant but necessary • I ll be glad to get the exam …   Useful english dictionary

  • get something over with — verb To do something quickly and hastily; without procrastination, especially so as to have something unpleasant behind oneself. I hate getting shots, but its best just to get it over with …   Wiktionary

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  • over with — over (and done) with finished or completed. I had my wisdom tooth out yesterday morning, so that s over and done with. He skipped to the end of the chapter just to get it over with. Usage notes: usually refers to something bad or unpleasant …   New idioms dictionary

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