Surgery to repair one or both of the fallopian tubes.
Syn: salpingoplasty

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  • Tuboplasty — A tuboplasty is a surgical operation to correct a fallopian tube obstruction or adhesion, to achieve a pregnancy in women with tubal infertility. Thus, it is a form of assisted reproductive technology.TechniquesA number of surgical techniques are …   Wikipedia

  • tuboplasty — SYN: salpingoplasty. * * * tu·bo·plas·ty (tooґbo plas″te) 1. plastic repair of a tube, such as the uterine tube (2. salpingoplasty) or auditory tube (eustachian tuboplasty). salpingoplasty. tuboplastic adj …   Medical dictionary

  • tuboplasty — tu·bo·plas·ty (to͞oʹbō plăs tē, tyo͞oʹ ) n. pl. tu·bo·plas·ties Surgical repair of one or both fallopian tubes. * * * …   Universalium

  • tuboplasty — tubˈoplasty noun (medicine) Surgical repair of a Fallopian tube • • • Main Entry: ↑tube …   Useful english dictionary

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  • transcervical balloon tuboplasty — recanalization of an obstructed uterine tube by inflation of a balloon catheter introduced through the cervix under fluoroscopic guidance …   Medical dictionary

  • Tuboplastia — La tuboplastia es una intervención quirúrgica que permite corregir la infertilidad femenina causada por la obstrucción o adhesión de las trompas de Falopio. Es por tanto una forma de tecnología de reproducción asistida que era muy usada en los… …   Wikipedia Español

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  • Fallopian tube obstruction — Classification and external resources The presence of a hydrosalpinx by sonography indicates distal tubal obstruction ICD 10 N …   Wikipedia

  • salpingoplasty — Plastic surgery of the fallopian tubes. SYN: tuboplasty. [salpingo + G. plastos, formed] * * * sal·pin·go·plas·ty sal piŋ gə .plas tē n, pl ties plastic surgery of a fallopian tube * * * sal·pin·go·plas·ty (sal pingґgo plas″te) [salpingo +… …   Medical dictionary

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