Of or pertaining to demography.
2. noun
a) A demographic criterion: a characteristic used to classify people for statistical purposes, such as age, race, or gender.

Of significant current interest is the fact that the compa-ratio can be used to analyze the pay treatment of specific groups of employees. Segregating employees by such demographics as gender, race, or age group (e.g., 18–25, 26–39, 40–50, 51–65), a compa-ratio analysis could provide a first indication […]

b) A demographic group: a collection of people sharing a value for a certain demographic criterion.

How will this investment affect at the individual level, based on being disaggregated by various demographics (race and ethnicity, gender, age, disability, income) and locations (inner city, inner ring suburbs, suburbs, exurbs), miles traveled, travel time, accessibility to transit, and car ownership? <! [sic] "affect" without direct object, and the odd "based on being disaggregated" phrasing

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