1. verb
To breathe during sleep with harsh, snorting noises caused by vibration of the soft palate.
2. noun
a) The act of snoring, and the noise produced.
b) An extremely boring person or event.
Syn: snoozefest, snorefest

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  • Snore — (sn[=o]r), v. i. [imp. & p. p. {Snored} (sn[=o]rd); p. pr. & vb. n. {Snoring}.] [OE. snoren, AS. snora a snoring; akin to LG. snoren, snorken, snurken, to snore, D. snorken, G. schnarchen to snore, schnarren to rattle, MHG. snarren, Sw. snarka to …   The Collaborative International Dictionary of English

  • snore — [sno: US sno:r] v [Date: 1300 1400; Origin: From the sound] to breathe in a noisy way through your mouth and nose while you are asleep ▪ He could hear the old man snoring. >snore[i] n ▪ I heard a snore and knew he d fallen asleep …   Dictionary of contemporary English

  • Snore — Snore, n. A harsh nasal noise made in sleep. [1913 Webster] …   The Collaborative International Dictionary of English

  • snore — (v.) mid 15c., probably related to snort and both probably of imitative origin (Cf. Du. snorken, M.H.G. snarchen, Ger. schnarchen, Swed. snarka). Related: Snored; snoring. The noun is from c.1600 …   Etymology dictionary

  • snore — [v] make sounds when sleeping breathe heavily, saw logs*, saw wood*, sleep, snort, snuffle, wheeze; concepts 77,315 …   New thesaurus

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  • snore — [snôr] vi. snored, snoring [ME snoren: see SNARL1] to breathe, while asleep, with harsh sounds caused by vibration of the soft palate, usually with the mouth open n. the act or sound of snoring snorer n …   English World dictionary

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  • snore — [14] Like snort [14] (which originally meant ‘snore’), snore goes back ultimately to a prehistoric Germanic base *snor , imitative of the sound it represents. From the same source came German schnarchen ‘snore’, which produced the German dialect… …   The Hutchinson dictionary of word origins

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