take a whizz

take a whizz

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  • whizz — Noun. 1. Amphetamine sulphate. Possibly derived from Billy Whizz, see billy . 1960 70s 2. An act of urination. E.g. So where are the toilets? I need to take a whizz before we leave …   English slang and colloquialisms

  • whizz — whizz1 BrE whiz AmE [wız] v 1.) [always + adverb/preposition] [i]informal a) to move very quickly, often making a sound like something rushing through the air ▪ An ambulance whizzed past. ▪ I saw a big piece of metal whizzing through the air. b) …   Dictionary of contemporary English

  • urinate — verb /ˈjɚ.ɪn.et,ˈjʊər.əˌneɪt/ To pass urine from the body. 1877 See that the bladder is emptied just before he goes to bed. Wake him once or twice during the night, and have him urinate. Use all possible means to remove the cause of irritation by …   Wiktionary

  • Gothica (Comic Book Series) — Infobox television show name = Gothica caption = genre = Action/Adventure/Supernatural Drama creator = Bryan Alvarado location = The Sharo Land starring = Kyle Whizz Ryan Hartman country = USA language = English first aired = November 15, 2006… …   Wikipedia

  • British slang — circuBritish slang is English language slang used in the UK. Slang is informal language sometimes peculiar to a particular social class or group and its use in Britain dates back to before the 16th century. The language of slang, in common with… …   Wikipedia

  • Karone The Spy — Infobox television show name = Karone The Spy caption = genre = Action/Adventure/Supernatural Drama creator = Bryan Alvarado location = Yumland starring = Karone Lovell Jon Greene (2) country = USA language = English first aired = August 20, 2006 …   Wikipedia

  • List of Ace Lightning characters — This is a list of characters from the fictional world of Ace Lightning, an action adventure superhero themed television show combining live action and CGI characters. The series lasted thirty nine episodes, lasting for two seasons. Contents 1… …   Wikipedia

  • List of songs about New York City — This article lists songs about New York City, set there, or named after a location or feature of the city.It is not intended to include songs where New York is simply name checked along with various other cities, e.g. New York, London, Paris,… …   Wikipedia

  • whiz — I. verb or whizz (whizzed; whizzing) Etymology: imitative Date: 1582 intransitive verb 1. to hum, whir, or hiss like a speeding object (as an arrow or ball) passing through air 2. to fly or move swiftly especially with a whiz < cars whizzing by > …   New Collegiate Dictionary

  • Dennis the Menace (UK) — This article is about the Beano comic strip. For other uses, see Dennis the Menace (disambiguation). Beano strip Dennis Gnasher Current/last artist Barrie Appleby First appearance Issue 452 (17 March 1951 as Dennis the Menace) …   Wikipedia

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