1. adjective /ˌtəːp.sɪ.kəɹˈiː.ən,ˌtɝp.sɪ.kəˈɹiː.ən,ˌtɝp.sɪˈkɔɹ.iː.ən/
Of or relating to dancing.

This was such an entirely new view of the Terpsichorean art as socially practised, that Mrs Lammle looked at her young friend in some astonishment

2. noun /ˌtəːp.sɪ.kəɹˈiː.ən,ˌtɝp.sɪ.kəˈɹiː.ən,ˌtɝp.sɪˈkɔɹ.iː.ən/
A person who dances, especially professionally.

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