An organism that reproduces by parthenogenesis.

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  • Parthenogenesis — (from the Greek παρθένος parthenos , virgin , + γένεσις genesis , creation ) is an asexual form of reproduction found in females where growth and development of embryos or seeds occurs without fertilization by a male. The offspring produced by… …   Wikipedia

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  • parthenogenesis — noun /ˌpɑːθᵻnəʊˈʤɛnᵻsɪs,ˌpɑːθənəʊˈʤɛnɪsɪs,ˌpɑɻθənoʊˈʤɛnəsəs/ a) Reproduction by the development of a single gamete (viz. an ovum or ovule) without fertilisation by a gamete of the opposite sex; compare , . We may learn, to be sure, plenty of… …   Wiktionary

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