Containing sensible moisture (usually describing air or atmosphere); damp; moist; somewhat wet or watery; as, humid earth; consisting of water or vapor.

, 1667 - , Paradise Lost (1667)

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  • Humid — Hu mid (h[=u] m[i^]d), a. [L. humidus, umidus, fr. humere, umere, to be moist; akin to uvidus moist, Gr. ygro s, Skr. uksh to wet, sprinkle, and Icel. v[ o]kr moist, and perh. to E. ox: cf. F. humide.] Containing sensible moisture; damp; moist;… …   The Collaborative International Dictionary of English

  • Humīd — (lat.), feucht; Humidation, Anfeuchtung …   Meyers Großes Konversations-Lexikon

  • Humid — Humīd (lat.), feucht, naß; Humidität, Feuchtigkeit …   Kleines Konversations-Lexikon

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  • humid — early 15c., from O.Fr. humide or directly from L. humidus moist, wet, variant (probably by influence of humus earth ) of umidus, from umere be moist, from PIE *wegw wet …   Etymology dictionary

  • humid — moist, damp, *wet, dank Contrasted words: *dry, arid …   New Dictionary of Synonyms

  • humid — [adj] very damp, referring to weather boiling, clammy, close, dank, irriguous, moist, mucky, muggy, oppressive, sodden, soggy, steamy, sticky, stifling, stuffy, sultry, sweaty, sweltering, watery, wet; concepts 525,603 Ant. arid, dry …   New thesaurus

  • humid — ► ADJECTIVE ▪ marked by a high level of water vapour in the atmosphere. DERIVATIVES humidly adverb humidity noun. ORIGIN Latin humidus, from humere be moist …   English terms dictionary

  • humid — [hyo͞o′mid, yo͞o′mid] adj. [Fr humide < L humidus < humere, altered (after humus) < umere, to be moist: see HUMOR] full of water vapor; damp; moist SYN. WET …   English World dictionary

  • humid — hu|mid [ˈhju:mıd] adj [Date: 1300 1400; : Latin; Origin: humidus, from humere to be slightly wet ] if the weather is humid, you feel uncomfortable because the air is very wet and usually hot ▪ Tokyo is extremely humid in mid summer. humid… …   Dictionary of contemporary English

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